Line Bending


Thermal line bending of acrylics and plastics

Line bending is an efficient process for creating one or tighter radius bends in most formable sheet plastics.
Our service of acrylic and plastics bending ensures a wide range production of different products and components from acrylic (PMMA, Plexiglas, Perspex) polycarbonate, ABS, Polyethylene (PE), PET-A, PET-G, and etc.

This process allows produce items such as display stands, leaflet dispensers, detail pockets and acrylic signs to be fabricated from flat material.

Thermal Line Bending

Line bending is where utilizing a single strip heater; heat is applied locally to produce a ‘hot hinge’, allowing the sheet to be formed to the required angle or shape.

Thermoplastic sheet is heating over a strip heater until it becomes soft and then bending it to any desired angle.

Thermal bending (lateral) technique using a two-beam thermal bends plastic from 2mm – 20mm thick up to two bends at a time, to a maximum length of 2440mm, with a tight radius depending on the thickness of the material used.

Cold Bending

For polycarbonate, PET-A we use a break press. This is very accurate, cost-effective and quick.

The main benefits of line bending are:

  •     straight bends are produced very efficiently
  •     low production cost
  •     no need extra tools

Most applications for line bending tend to focus on single or double parallel bends to create objects such as rectangular covers and equipment housings. However, some fairly complex forms can be manufactured using this technique.

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