CNC machining: Milling, Turning, Cutting


We offer CNC machining services for prototype, custom, and low-volume plastic-based parts. A diverse range of plastic materials can be machined in our company with rapid delivery.

All plastics have different machining characteristics and material tolerances, so using the right cutting tool is essential in ensuring the best possible surface finish. Our experience in plastic materials let us provide guidance on material selection and design, ensuring the right plastic is chosen and the desired product finish required for your application.

Plastic machining, milling, turning services are available on a broad. A wide range of plastic materials for two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) operations. A wide range of bespoke products is delivered, from commercial to industrial engineering machining applications.

We specialize in machining acrylic and polycarbonate, and all types of engineering plastic materials from acetal, nylon, polyethylene (PE), PVDF, polyester to aluminum, wood and a variety of plastic-based materials, used in a wide range of industries. that uses specialized plastic-based material and machining needs.

Our largest High-Speed CNC Milling machine can provide machining of plastic sheets up to 4050 mm x 2050 mm

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